Ep. 17 Build Value Before Selling Your Business
The Ripcord Moment

Ep. 17 Build Value Before Selling Your Business

Ep. 17 Build Value Before Selling Your Business

The Ripcord Moment

“They have to build some value.” — Scott Snider, President and Co-owner of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) and the Operating Partner of Snider Premier Growth.

In this episode, Scott offers his expertise on how to best prepare for your ripcord moment from the perspective of a lifelong entrepreneur who has worked with his father to create a formal training program called the CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor) within the Exit Planning Institute.

Ata recent national summit for the Exit Planning Institute, Scott spoke about the impact of finding his personal purpose and the impact that this has had on his business and succession planning. He believes that finding your personal purpose as a business owner is crucial to aligning your business, personal, and financial goals.

The Exit Planning Institute recently released their purpose as a company, which mentions working with business owners to create companies of significance rather than just success. When considering the purpose of the company, Scott thought about what the company meant internally to employees and externally to its members and the surrounding communities. He says he considered how many business owners have seemingly successful businesses, but when selling their business, they don’t end up getting what they want for their company or the sale takes much longer than expected. He believes this issue boils down to a focus on success and growth instead of a focus on building value and significance.

Scott discusses who he turned to for coaching and mentorship when constructing his personal purpose and the purpose of his company. He says he went through transformational leadership training with InitiativeOne Leadership Institute, a program designed to bring teams together to create a better communication system and make better decisions across a company.

He talks about the importance of knowing your personal purpose before selling your business, because an exit can leave business owners wondering, “Who am I?” This is critical for not allowing your business to define your entire being and being able to separate yourself from the business.

Scott tells us that 78% of owners don't have a board of advisors and 63% of owners have not sought out any advice about exit or transition planning for their business. He stresses the need for business owners to surround themselves with a strong external advisory team to create accountability and allow the owner to be more of the strategic visionary.

Lastly, he shares two action items for owners:

1. Find your purpose, write it down, and begin to live by it immediately. It'll change all aspects of your life—business, personal, and financial.

2. Understand and know the value of your business by conducting an annual discovery event, which is like a diagnostic of your entire company. It will change the way you operate and will create a more successful company today and a more significant one when the time comes to exit.

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