Ep. 14 - Align Your Organization Before Selling Your Business
The Ripcord Moment

Align Your Organization Before Selling Your Business

Align Your Organization Before Selling Your Business

The Ripcord Moment

“Bea lifelong learner.” — Ken Keller, CEO of Strategic Advisory Boards, a Southern California-based leadership advisory firm.

In this episode, Ken offers his expertise on how to best prepare for your ripcord moment from the perspective of a consultant and coach who works regularly with business owners and CEOs on the challenges of growth, leadership, employee engagement, and increasing profitability.

Ken discusses how he coaches his business owner clients who are looking to sell their business in the near future. This includes always working on and refining the business model, ensuring you have the right management team in place, and staying focused on growth, as a buyer will want to see a continuous track record of growth.

He talks about the importance of creating alignment throughout your organization so that employees can truly buy into your vision for the company. He also stresses the importance of keeping employees in the loop by sharing goals and strategies so that everyone can contribute. He feels that this is especially important today given that only34% of the workforce is currently actively engaged in their organization.

Ken dives into the significance of owners creating incentives for departments and roles outside of sales. Though few companies currently do this, he feels that implementing this revenue-sharing structure into your business will create an atmosphere where all employees will be more motivated to actively contribute to the results of the company.

He walks us through a typical strategic advisory board meeting, describing it as a monthly four-hour retreat where you get to take yourself away from your desk, work ON your business not IN it, share ideas, learn new ideas, and open up to a group of peers.

Ken discusses a challenge that many business owners face as they are transitioning their business, and it is the concept of letting go. He believes that there is a way for a business owner to retain some involvement and level of control over contracts, purchases, etc., without having to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Lastly, he shares two action items for owners:

1. Be committed to being a lifelong learner to better prepare yourself for your future and to set an example for your employees that work is about more than just coming in and punching a clock.

2. Making an exit and selling your business requires a lot of teamwork and a good amount of time for preparation. Start with evaluating your current team, addressing underperformers and unengaged employees, and getting everyone on the same page before even thinking about an exit.

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