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Resilient portfolios make a better investment experience

Most investors are limited to stocks and bonds because that’s what’s simple to access and it’s all they know. But there’s a whole world of other investments out there that can add tremendous value if you know how to find and evaluate them. That’s where we come in. We diversify portfolios through a variety of different asset classes beyond stocks and bonds that give our clients more tools to achieve their goals.

We take numerous factors into account when it comes to designing portfolios: not only each individual’s personal situation and goals, but also the factors that tend to be out of our control – like the stock market, politics or the global economy. While they may seem more complex, alternative investments can often be more straightforward and not necessarily subject to all those same factors that are beyond our control. By diversifying into asset classes like real estate, asset-based lending and royalty income streams, we believe our clients’ portfolios will be more resilient and consistent through market swings.

Risk Management

Our starting point in considering any investment is an evaluation of risk. We favor investments with strong downside risk protection where we feel we are being well-compensated for the risk being taken.

True Diversification

We aim to source alternative investments with varied return drivers that should not move up and down in lockstep with traditional assets. If everything in a portfolio is moving up or down at the same time then it is not truly diversified.

Cash Flow

We believe that cash flow is an important indicator of an investment’s health. We target investments that “pay along the way” so that our investors can get the cash flow they need to provide for their lifestyles and goals.