Ep. 13 - Create Brand Awareness Before Selling Your Business
The Ripcord Moment

Create Brand Awareness Before Selling Your Business

Create Brand Awareness Before Selling Your Business

The Ripcord Moment

“Make sure you have a presence EVERYWHERE.” – Jonathan Boring, founder and president of Social Spice Media in Camarillo, California.

In this episode, Jonathan offers his expertise on how to prepare your business for a transition or sale from a digital marketing standpoint.

Jonathan discusses how to best prepare your website for an upcoming exit, including staying up on regular maintenance and updates for the most seamless user experience. Simple things could be out-of-date, such as phone numbers, or entire submission forms could be broken on the back end. Either way, you don’t want to wait to hear about these issues from a client or a potential buyer.

He talks about the website auditing process that his company takes new clients through. First, they evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly. Essentially, what is your company doing well, what could be done better, and what needs to be changed NOW. Then, an extensive report is run to paint a full picture of what is happening on the client’s website, including everything from Google ranking to key word gap analysis.

Jonathan dives deep into what it means to be ADA compliant for websites and why an owner should care. He shares simple changes you can make to your website to ensure you don’t face legal repercussions, including making sure you have a screen reader and all of your videos have an option for closed captioning.

He gives tips on how to optimize your email marketing campaigns, including the power of A/B testing and making sure you send out emails at the best possible times (Tuesday and Thursday mornings).

Lastly, he shares two action items for owners:

1.     Audit your website regularly and ensure you are ADA compliant to avoid any unnecessary legal action or fines.

2.     Make sure you have a presence across multiple channels. Omni-channel marketing is huge right now, so be sure your website is up-to-date, you have regular blog postings, and you are active across multiple social media platforms.

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