Reimagine what it means to earn, grow and enjoy your wealth

Most financial advisors will only manage money for clients with a certain minimum of investable assets or provide a “NextGen” offering using a robo solution. But they’re forgetting about the Gen Xers and Millennials who are already married, in the prime of their careers, buying real estate, building their wealth, enjoying travel/experiences, and growing their families. We know that the next generation of investors won’t necessarily invest the same as prior generations, which means the advice they need should look different.  

At Morton, we’ve reimagined wealth management to better serve your needs. When you become a Modearn client, we will help you with career opportunities, recommend executive compensation benefits, provide opportunities to increase the enterprise value of your business, implement tax savings strategies, navigate concentrated stock liquidations, manage your investments, use insurance and estate strategies to protect the assets you have now, implement an education savings strategy for your children, and set you up with a spending strategy so that you can enjoy life today while planning for retirement.

We know you’re busy, so we want to save you time while providing financial advice you need in a timely fashion. Think of us like a concierge doctor – we will be there when you need us. Through our app, you’ll be able to direct message us with questions and we’ll reply with updates. If we don’t have an immediate answer or lack in-house expertise on a topic, we’ll leverage our database of preferred professionals to connect you with someone we trust to offer the advice you need. Our goal is to make life easier for you through proactive planning, excellent communication, and suitable investment advice.

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